V Meeting of AGN research in Spain

from Thursday, 11 July 2019 (09:00) to Friday, 12 July 2019 (16:30)
IFCA (Sala Marie Curie)

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11 Jul 2019
12 Jul 2019
Opening/Welcome (until 09:15) (Sala Marie Curie)
Surveys of AGN (Chair: Almudena Alonso) (until 10:45) (Sala Marie Curie)
09:15 Compton-thick AGN from X-ray surveys (Invited) - Amalia Corral (IFCA (CSIC-UC))   (Sala Marie Curie)
09:45 AGN population studies with the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer - Silvia Mateos (IFCA (CSIC-UC))   (Sala Marie Curie)
10:00 A thorough investigation on the classification of AGN and its X-ray/optical obscuration - Ignacio Ordovas-Pascual (IFCA (CSIC-UC))   (Sala Marie Curie)
10:15 Subaru high-z exploration of low-luminosity quasars (SHELLQs) (Invited) - Kazushi Iwasawa (IEEC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Physical properties of AGN (Chair: Amalia Corral) (until 13:00) (Sala Marie Curie)
11:15 Most relevant recent results from the studies of low-ionization nuclear emission-line regions (LINERs) (Invited) - Isabel Márquez (IAA-CSIC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
11:45 Optical Spectroscopy of nearby type1-LINERs - Sara Cazzoli (IAA-CSIC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:00 Optical spectroscopy on type-2 LINERs - Laura Hermosa Muñoz (IAA-CSIC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:15 Restarting activity in the nuclei of Giant Radio Galaxies - Lorena Hernandez-Garcia (Universidad de Valparaiso)   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:30 Optical and γ-ray variability of blazars 3C 66A and B2 1633+382 - Jorge Otero Santos (IAC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:45 The role of a fast On-Site analysis in the study of very-high-energy AGN activity - Daniel Morcuende (UCM)   (Sala Marie Curie)
AGN-galaxy co-evolution: AGN hosts, star-formation and feedback (Chair: Cristina Ramos) (until 10:00) (Sala Marie Curie)
09:15 An optical view of AGN and star formation - Yago Ascasibar (UAM)   (Sala Marie Curie)
09:30 The host galaxies of bright gamma-ray NLSy1 - Jose A. Acosta Pulido (IAC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
09:45 Spotting the differences between active and non-active twin galaxies on kpc-scales - Ignacio del Moral Castro (IAC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
Advances in instrumentation (Chair: José Acosta) (until 13:25) (Sala Marie Curie)
10:00 Spanish participation in instrumentation and AGN studies with SKA (Invited) - Miguel Ángel Pérez-Torres (IAA)   (Sala Marie Curie)
10:25 James Webb Space Telescope: Spanish participation and AGN studies (Invited) - Álvaro Labiano (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
10:50 --- Coffee Break ---
11:20 GTC Instrumentation plan (Invited) - Antonio Cabrera (GTC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
11:45 ESO (Invited) - María Rosa Zapatero Osorio (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:10 Learning about AGN with Athena (Invited) - Francisco J. Carrera (IFCA (CSIC-UC))   (Sala Marie Curie)
12:35 CTA: unveiling the very-high-energy gamma-ray AGN population (Invited) - Josefa Becerra (IAC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
13:00 Impact of LISA on AGN research (Invited) - Carlos Sopuerta (IEEC – ICE)   (Sala Marie Curie)
13:00 --- Lunch Break (not included) ---
AGN central engine and nuclear environment (Chair:Kazushi Iwasawa) (until 16:15) (Sala Marie Curie)
14:45 The many 'faces' of molecular tori in AGNs (Invited) - Santiago García-Burillo (OAN)   (Sala Marie Curie)
15:15 The peculiar emission line spectra of core Extremely Red BOSS Quasars at z ~2-3: orientation and/or evolution? - Montserrat Villar Martin (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
15:30 Torus model properties of an ultra-hard X-ray selected sample of Seyfert galaxies - Ismael García-Bernete (IFCA (CSIC-UC))   (Sala Marie Curie)
15:45 Changes in the torus covering factor for intermediate type AGN - Lorenzo Barquín González (Universidad de Cantabria)   (Sala Marie Curie)
16:00 The Galactic Activity, Torus and Outflow Survey (GATOS) - Almudena Alonso Herrero (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
16:15 --- Coffee Break ---
AGN-galaxy co-evolution: AGN hosts, star-formation and feedback (Chair: Santiago García) (until 18:15) (Sala Marie Curie)
16:45 An infrared and sub-mm view of AGN obscuration and feedback (Invited) - Cristina Ramos Almeida (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)   (Sala Marie Curie)
17:15 Searching for molecular gas in/outflows in the nuclear regions of five Seyfert galaxies - Alejandro Javier Domínguez Fernández (UCM)   (Sala Marie Curie)
17:30 A systematic study of multi-phase gas outflows in AGN with the CARS survey - Miguel Pérez-Torres (IAA-CSIC)   (Sala Marie Curie)
17:45 QSO2 outflow characterization using data obtained with OSIRIS at the Gran Telescopio Canarias - Enrica Bellocchi (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
18:00 Galaxy scale radio mode feedback in radio quiet quasars - Montserrat Villar Martin (Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC/INTA))   (Sala Marie Curie)
Conclusions/Final Discussion (Francisco J. Carrera) (until 14:00) (Sala Marie Curie)