The Athena Multi-messenger and High Energy Astrophysics Synergy (AMHEAS) Workshop II





The workshop focusses on identifying and developing potential scientific synergies between the Athena X-ray observatory mission (ESA)  and GW/v’s/HE/GRB facilities that will be operational contemporary to Athena.

The goal is to produce the White Paper that should address the scientific topics where the synergetic use of Athena and the key multimessenger facilities operating at the end of this decade will result in a scientific added value.

Sponsored by: AHEAD

LOC: Athena Community Office and Alicante University

  • Abraham Falcone
  • Alberto Sesana
  • Alexis Coleiro
  • Chris Fryer
  • David Burrows
  • David Nichols
  • Elena Maria Rossi
  • Eleonora Troja
  • Emma de Ona Wilhelmi
  • Enrico Bozzo
  • Geoffrey Ryan
  • Hendrik van Eerten
  • Jose Miguel Torrejon
  • Lorenzo Amati
  • Markus Ahlers
  • Matteo Guainazzi
  • Monica Colpi
  • Nora Luetzgendorf
  • Paolo Padovani
  • Paul O'Brien
  • Zoltan Haiman