June 27, 2016 to July 1, 2016
Hotel Chiqui
Europe/Madrid timezone

Scientific Program

The meeting includes the following topics:

  • Dark Matter candidates
  • Theory
  • Direct searches
  • Indirect searches
  • Colliders
  • Astrophysical evidences
  • Cosmological implications

  Preliminary list of invited Speakers and invited talks(*):

  • Xavier Barcons, "Athena: the search for missing baryons and beyond"
  • Laura Baudis, "Noble Liquid DM experiments"
  • Celine Boehm, "Alternative models to DM"
  • Alberto Casas, "The 750 Di-photon Resonances?"
  • David García Cerdeño, "SUSY DM" 
  • Benoit Famaey, "Issues with LambdaCDM"
  • Thomas Hambye, "Status on DM model testing from indirect detection"
  • Juan J. Hernandez Rey, "Dark Matter searches with neutrino telescopes"
  • Alejandro Ibarra, "Gamma ray constraints on heavy WIMPS"
  • Igor Irastorza, "Axion experiments overview"
  • Thomas Jacques, "Validity of EFT in DM searches at the LHC"
  • Kristian Hanhn, "DM@LHC: Overview of LHC results on DM"
  • Aldo Ianni, "The Canfranc laboratory"
  • Simona Murgia, "Review of High-Energy astrophysics (Fermi, Galactic center)"
  • Javier Tiffenberg, "Semiconductor based detectors for DM"
  • Ning Zhou, "DM@LHC: Simplified models and signal interpretation"
  • Direct Searches

  • Indirect searches

  • Collider Searches

  • Astrophysics Evidence/Cosmology