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Simulations of Lattice QCD and resolving the pion-nucleon sigma term discrepancy

by Rajan Gupta

Marie Curie (Claustro) (IFCA)

Marie Curie (Claustro)



Summary: Simulations of lattice QCD have emerged as the most reliable tool for making predictions of the low energy properties of hadrons and of quarks and gluons composing them with control over all systematic uncertainties. I will review the key developments over the last 45 years and the challenges to high precision that have invoked novel approaches. As an illustration of  recent successes, I will present the calculation by the Los Alamos LQCD team of the pion-nucleon sigma term and the possible resolution of the discrepancy between lattice QCD results and those from dispersive analysis of pion-nucleon scattering data.

Dr. Rajan Gupta is Research Fellow Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) since 1988, and Program Manager for High Energy Physics at LANL from 2000 until present. Rajan is one the most renowned experts in HEP in the world, and a pillar of our HEP community. The main thrust of his research in High Energy Physics is to elucidate the strongly interacting sector of the Standard Model of elementary particle interactions (interactions of quarks and gluons and the phenomenology of mesons and baryons made up of these elementary particles) and probe signatures of new physics at the TeV scale using lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (Lattice QCD) . 

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