The Spanish participation in X-ray observatories: past, present and future symposium will be held within the framework of the XVI Scientific Meeting of the SEA (Granada). This symposium will showcase the Spanish participation in (and exploitation of) X-ray observatories from the past to the present, also looking out to the future. Encompassing a broad spectrum, our discussions will span diverse topics, including the development of instrumentation, for instance for WFM/eXTP (IEEC) or THESEUS (IAA, INTA, UV), as well as the development of on-board software, one example is SIRENA for Athena/X-IFU. Additionally, the symposium will delve into the exploitation of X-ray observations archival data via advanced analysis tools, enabling real-time tracking of the X-ray transient sky through machine-learning methodologies. Moreover, scientific simulations will take centre stage covering a breadth of topics from accreting compact objects such as black holes over their whole mass range and neutron stars, the hot gas around clusters of galaxies, distant gamma-ray bursts, supernova explosions and remnants, stars, white dwarfs, exoplanets and their parent stars, and the interstellar medium.


SOC: Silvia Martínez Núñez (IFCA), chair; María D. Caballero-García (IAA), chair; Amalia Corral Ramos (IFCA); Rosario Gonzalez Riestra (ESA-ESAC); Margarita Hernanz (ICE-CSIC, IEEC); Giovanni Miniutti (CAB); José Miguel Torrejón (Universidad de Alicante); Nanda Rea (ICE-CSIC, IEEC); Alicia Rouco Escorial (ESA/ESAC).

Parque de las Ciencias de Granada situado en la Av. de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada.
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