Jun 25 – 29, 2018
Santander (Spain)
Europe/Madrid timezone

Scientific Program

Please join us in the second edition of the meeting that brings together particle physicist, astrophysicists, cosmologists and theoretician to discuss the latest developments on the quest for dark matter.

The contributions from the previous meeting can be found here

The coming meeting will again get together experts on cosmologist, direct, indirect and accelerators searches of dark matter, and the connection between theory and experiments. Many experiments on earth, together with astrophysical observations, cover a wide range of energies yet the dark matter particle remains elusive. The meeting will review the current status in the field giving special emphasis to the latest efforts to detect the dark matter and the determination of its nature.

Dark Matter at Accelerators
Direct Searches for Dark Matter
Indirect Searches for Dark Matter
Dark Matter from Astrophysics
Dark Matter from Cosmological Observations
Theoretical developments

Preliminary list of invited Speakers and invited talks:

Joe Silk (DM/astro general)
Ben Kilminster (CMS, DAMIC, direct detect)
Tim Tait (DM phenomenology WIMPs, LHC)
Simona Murgia (Indirect searches, FERMIlab)
David Cerdeño (CDMS, DM theory, WIMPs)
Alejando Ibarra (Neutrino experiments and DM)
David Marsh (Axions)
Julian Muñoz (DM from cosmic dawn)
Federico Lelli (Observational problems for LCDM)
Constanze Hasterok (Direct Searches of DM with noble liquid)
Sara Alam Malik (DM at the LHC)
Tim Nelson (Accelerating Dark Matter)